Training Services

Penn State Brandywine Sports Medicine


Athletic Commons Room 134
25 Yearsley Mill Road
Media, Pa. 19063

Head Athletic Trainer: Sarah Coelho
610-892-1296 (O)


The office of athletic training delivers athletic training and sports medicine services to the student-athletes of Penn State Brandywine.

These services include:

  • Injury Prevention and Risk Management
  • Recognition
  • Evaluation and Assessment of Injuries and Illnesses
  • Immediate Care of Injuries and Illnesses
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
  • Health Care Organization and Administration


Medical Coverage:
A certified athletic trainer will be present for all practices and games. The athletic trainer will be on campus one and a half hours before the start each game. In the event that there are two athletic events on campus, the athletic trainer will be available by phone or two-way radio.

Game Day Services:

On game days, away teams will be provided with water, cups, and injury ice on the sideline. During the games, we will have the following equipment available:

        AED               Splints
        Crutches       Spine Board

Teams that are not traveling with an athletic trainer are asked to contact Sarah Coelho in advance about athletes’ needs and send a fully stocked medkit. If advance notice is unable to be given, please send a list of athletes’ needs with your team on the day of competition. Tape, heat and ice are offered to visiting teams on game days.